Take the Best of 2022 award-winning M20 HD power speakers (review here). Add a second bass driver. Extend the cabinet down to the ground. Et voila, the Q Acoustics M40 powered micro-tower. Yes, basically a floorstanding version of the M20 HD bookshelf speakers, yours for £749 / €899 / $999 and available now in black, white or walnut.

The basics of the M20 are carried over to the M40, meaning the master speaker contains all the electronics and connectivity. Just sling a single speaker cable across to the slave. You decide whether the master is the left or right speaker. 

Class D amplification is boosted to 2 x 50wpc into 4 Ohms (100w peak against the M20’s 65w peak). The 22mm tweeter is carried over from the M20 but the 125mm mid/bass units are new. From the press release: –

“The M40 features the latest Q Acoustics advancement in driver technology: the C3 Continuous Curved Cone mid/bass driver. First seen and heard in the award-winning 5000 Series of loudspeakers, C3 (pronounced ‘C cubed’) combines the outstanding bass performance of a traditional straight cone with the high/midrange control and fidelity of a flared cone. The best of both worlds, in other words.”

Connectivity appears to be the same as for the M20 – the back panel certainly looks identical – meaning most bases are covered. Both an RCA and a 3.5mm analogue input are provided, along with USB-B and optical digital inputs that can handle 24bit/192kHz signals. Bluetooth 5.0 is also available, including aptX HD and aptX Low Latency.

Thanks to the second mid/bass driver the M40 reaches down to 38Hz at -6dB (mfr’s spec). Need more grunt? Just add a subwoofer via the RCA output on the rear of the master. EQ settings for corner placement, against a wall or free-space can be selected on the rear of the master speaker. With the M20 they proved useful, making the speaker less critical of positioning. 

As with the M20 the grills are fixed. Four spikes support each M40 speaker, the rear two under triangular outriggers to aid stability. The look is reminiscent of more expensive Q Acoustics models, which is no bad thing.

All of which has piqued our interest here at Hifi Starters. The M20 HD is a stonking speaker, one that friends have purchased based on our recommendation (they’ve loved them as much as we do – phew). If the M40 builds on its smaller siblings sound quality then we’re in for a treat. 

The M40 is also positively tiny at only 71cm tall, something that shouldn’t be underestimated. In the real world people don’t want massive speakers dominating their lounges, discrete is the order of the day. A brief that the M40 appears to meet well, not least because they also reduce the number of external boxes needed for a complete system. We’d certainly like to try them with a WiiM Mini streamer, connected via the optical input; simplicity personified. 

Needless to say we’ve requested a review pair. For now we’ll just say that Q Acoustics could have another winner on its hands with the M40.