Q Acoustics is on a roll at the moment, announcing its flagship 5000 series speaker, the 5050, not long after the M40 powered standmount saw the light of day. The M40 comes in at £750 and is notable in being a very compact floorstander (only 71cm tall). The 5050 costs £1,299 / €1,699 / $1,999, is passive (so requires an amplifier) and stands just over a metre tall.

All of which means the 5050 is a very different proposition. What hasn’t changed are the looks, both speakers sharing a distinct family resemblance. The 5050 just ups the aesthetic quotient even further with some deft design touches that immediately had me swiping right.


The two speakers share some of their technology, notably the use of C3 Continuous Curved Cone mid/bass drivers. These combine the bass performance of a traditional straight conic cone with the high/mid-range frequency control of a flared one. The 5050 uses 2 x  6″ C3 cones that delve down to an impressive 37 Hz (-6dB). The 1″ tweeter is based on that found in the newest Concept series, the high frequency driver unit being sealed and isolated from the baffle; basically it sits in its own chamber to reduce interaction with the mid/bass drivers.

As with the M40 the cabinets are extensively braced to minimise unwanted vibrations. Four Helmholtz Pressure Equaliser tubes are also fitted inside the 5050 to reduce internal pressure. The design of the cabinet is based on that of the dearer Concept series and offers a contemporary feel. The main body looks decidedly sleek, aided by the aluminium outliers that aid stability. Finishes available include Satin Black, Satin White, Santos Rosewood and Holme Oak. All of which look fabulous, we’d be hard pressed to choose between them.

Sensitivity is quite high at 91.8dB, and the nominal impedance is 6 Ohm, dropping to a 3 Ohm minimum. Meaning power house amplifiers shouldn’t be needed – Q Acoustics recommends from 25 wpc upwards. Finally the 5050 is available now.

The smaller 5040 standmount got a very positive reaction from the market and the 5050 looks an equally tempting speaker. Pair it with, say, a Musical Fidelity M2si amplifier and WiiM Pro Plus streamer for a system costing around £2,200. Or treat it to better electronics, which the speaker would surely relish. We’re interested enough to have a proper listen; we’ll report back as and when we have. In the interim find more information here (UK) and here (US).