First introduced 6 years ago, Q Acoustics’ 3000i series has had quite a run. Its time has come though; say hello to the 3000c series. Launched just in time for the Munich High End show that runs 9-12th May, the range will be on both static display and demonstration (who said Munich wasn’t for Hifi Starters?!)

The range comprises three standmounts (3010c, 3020c & 3030c), a single floorstander (3050c) and a centre channel (3090c). All models benefit from Q Acoustics’ Continuous Curved Cone technology previously seen in the 5000 series (and recent M40 powered floorstander). Referring to the curved profile of the mid/bass driver, the technology aims to deliver the bass performance of a traditional straight cone with the midrange / high-end control of a flared one. The mid/bass driver is also more resistant to standing waves within the cabinet than less advanced drivers according to Q Acoustics. 

The 300c series tweeter is mechanically isolated from its baffle, minimising negative interaction with the mid/bass driver. Speaker cabinets deploy bracing to reduce unwanted vibrations. And in the floorstander a Helmholtz Pressure Equaliser tube links the two chambers to reduce standing waves and smooth the frequency response.


Visually the speakers are very similar to their predecessors, which is no bad thing. Four new finishes are available though, comprising Pin Oak, Claro Walnut, Satin White and Satin Black. The driver trims have also been freshened up with a satin metallic finish, and the floorstander sports a solid aluminium stabiliser. 

The centre channel is available separately but also figures in two 5.1 AV setups. The first of these, the 3010c 5.1 combines four of the smallest standmounts with the centre channel and a 3060S subwoofer. The second ups the front speakers to the 3050c floorstanders and the subwoofer to the more powerful QB12. All models will be available in August. The cost of  the AV systems is to be announced but pricing for stereo pairs is as follows: –

  • 3010c bookshelf             £329 / € 399 / $399
  • 3020c standmount         £399 / € 499 / $499
  • 3030c standmount         £499 / €649 / $649
  • 3050c floorstander         £899 / € 1,199 / $1,199
  • 3090c centre channel     £299 / € 399 / $399

Matching FS50 stands for the 3010c / 3020c are available in a white or black finish and cost a reasonable £175/€219/$239. 

All models certainly look the part, and Q Acoustics’ build quality is usually up to the mark. If sound quality is up to the standard of the M20 HD powered standmount (one of our Best of 2023) then the range should sell well. We’ll let you know how they sound when we manage to have a listen (which sadly won’t be at Munich!)