• A website looking at HiFi through the lens of the beginner’. 
  • A commercial site not a hobbyist one. Went live June 2022
  • Allows manufacturers / advertisers to focus on a well-defined niche and build early brand loyalty
  • The content is a mix of Reviews, News, Features and Music. Original photography is used where possible.


  • HiFiStarters.Club is the website. HiFiStarters.com and HiFiStarters.co.uk redirect to .club
  • @HiFiStartersClub is the Instagram account. See the sidebar on the right or below for latest posts
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Audioengine B-Fi streamer
Audioquest Dragonfly Red & Black
Audioengine B-Fi streamer
Audioquest Dragonfly Red & Black
HiFi Starters Club
Sonos Symfonisk speakers from IKEA

Target readership

  • People getting into HiFi for the first time
  • People upgrading from their initial system
  • Those just wanting something nice to play music on, for them Hi Fi is a means to an end

The readership is global, the audience generally but not exclusively younger.


  • Complete systems up to £2,000 max.
  • Individual devices up to £1,000 max.
  • More if they combine functionality e.g. active speaker, streaming DAC

The review approach is a mix of ‘traditional’ and real-world scenarios. 

  • ‘Traditional’ – a reviewer has the device for a few weeks to fully get to know it
  • Shop-based – a reviewer listens in store for 2 hours
  • Show reports – aimed at getting down to a shortlist of kit to consider.
  • Others – at distributors, home systems etc.

The shorter reviews also make life easier for manufacturers – no courier fees, kit not tied up for weeks etc.


  • Advertising will be added to the site soon and will initially provide the main income. This may change over time.
  • Banner adverts – a minimum of 1280 wide by 220 tall. Larger files can be scaled down
  • Sidebar adverts – 300 wide by 300-600 tall


Publisher – Phil Wright



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