Klipsch has just announced two new powered speakers, both with multiple inputs and a phono stage. Which is timely given we’re currently reviewing similar speakers here at HiFi Starters (cause and effect?!) And they definitely fall in the HiFi Starter bracket. So let’s have a look at the R-40PM and its bigger sibling, the R-50PM.

At £499 (€549/$499) and £599 (€649/$599) respectively they’re competitively priced. Digital inputs comprise USB, optical and Bluetooth (the BT version isn’t specified). Analogue options are 3.5mm input or dual RCA sockets, the latter switchable to act as an MM phono stage. And there’s a subwoofer output for those wanting more bass. 

Whether a sub is needed remains to be seen. Both the R-40PM and R-50PM go lower (60Hz & 55Hz) than their predecessors (the R-41PM went down to 76Hz, the R-51PM to 68Hz). And Klipsch speakers aren’t usually reticent in the bass department (witness my review of The Fives for Darko). As with those, I can imagine the bass EQ offered on the new models coming in very handy.

Like the Q Acoustics M20HD and Acoustic Energy AE1 Active you provide the source for the R-40PM and R-50PM, no streamer is included. No problem, just plumb something like an £89 WiiM Mini streamer into the optical input (or a turntable into the phono stage) and off you go. 

All electronics are housed in the right speaker, which connects to the other via standard speaker cable (a 4m length is supplied). The power amplifiers put out 70W total into the R-40PM and 120W into the R-50PM. The tweeter on both models is a 25mm LTS aluminium device. The R-40PM gets a 100mm TCP mid/bass unit, the R-50PM a 130mm one. 

A cosmetic nip and tuck gives the new speakers a fresher look, although they could never be anything but a Klipsch. Not least because of the tractrix horn on the tweeter, which usually gives Klipsch speakers their distinctive sound (the big La Scala AL5 reference speaker is definitely on our lottery-win shortlist). All in all the new models look very interesting at their price point. We’ll try to hear a pair soon and report back.