I don’t often get excited by speaker stands. Yes they can make a big difference sonically. They all get a bit samey after time though. One, two or three central columns. A top and bottom plate. Adjustable spikes protruding through the base plate to spoil the look a bit. And a price tag that has you checking out the cost of arc welders to see if you could do better for less. 

I exaggerate to make the point. The £160-ish Atacama Nexxus stands I reviewed (here) and then kept work well enough for me though, even under quite costly speakers. 

Kanto’s new SX series stands caught my eye. They look great, attention clearly paid to the aesthetics. Chamfered edges to both the top and bottom plates and single central column. Integrated management to minimise the visual intrusion of cables. Proportions that seem to work, the chunky central column that’s notched at the top for example. And spikes that are adjustable from the top but don’t leave half of them on display afterwards.

For those with hard floors the spikes can rest on discs that have silicone pads to further isolate the speakers. Shades of Isoacoustics compliant support there maybe.  A fillable column further reduces vibrations, Kanto providing plastic bags to fit within the columns, reducing the mess when filling them. That is so neat. Finally an optional foam pad is provided for the top plate. Or rather top plates; Kanto supplies two different sizes with each speaker for no extra cost.

Speaking of which, the 22” SX22 model retails for £299 / $299, the 26” SX26 version for £329 / $319. Not inexpensive, but also far from silly if the build quality lives up to expectations (which I’ve no reason to doubt). Available now in either black or white finishes.  

For more information see here.