The inaugural HiFi Starters Club June 22 playlist……………available on Spotify here

1. “Koln Concert Part IIc”, transcribed and played by Manuel Barrueco

Sublime guitar work, the first thing we play when reviewing new kit. Listen 2’15” in when he goes off piste. Does anyone play better?!

2. “Talk to Your Daughter” by Hans Theessink and Terry Evans, from Visions

The top track from a top album. The better the system the more you hear the lovely interplay between them. And as for that walking bass line…. Never has simple sounded so complex.

3. “Children’s World” by Maceo Parker from Roots Revisited

Turn the lights off and the volume up. James Brown’s epic sideman fronting his own band. The track builds over 10 minutes, testing your system’s resolving powers with its whirling dervish feel. Glorious stuff

4. “Act Like You Know” by Fat Larry’s Band from Breakin’ Out

That bass line. Yowza! If this doesn’t get you moving you have no soul.

5. “The Great Gig In The Sky” by David Gilmour from Live at Pompeii

A superb version of the classic Floyd track arranged by Louise Marshall, one of the three backing vocalists here. If you can tell who’s singing what / when then your system is truly convincing.

6. “Treaty” by Cande Y Paulo from their epynomous album

The final word from Leonard Cohen is beauty personified in the hands of singer/bassist Cande Buasso and her ex-teacher Paulo Carrizo. For an even better version from them head over to NPR’s Tiny Desk.

100 Best Guitar Classics Koln Concert
Theessink & Evans Visions
Maceo Parker Roots Revisited
Fat Larry's Band Breakin' Out
David Gilmore Live at Pompeii
Cande Y Paulo