The HiFi Starters Club July 22 playlist……find it on Spotify here

1. “Time” by Hans Zimmer from the soundtrack to Inception

Bass that rolls around your room, filling every nook and cranny. How well does your system convey the feeling of suspense as the track builds?

2. “The Cost” by Derrick Hodge from Colour of Noize

A real dynamic workout for your kit. Complex too – do you hear a wall of noize(!) or individual instruments coming together into an all-enveloping whole?

3. “Hometown” by Sarah Jarosz from World on the Ground

Simple music, played and sung beautifully. Sometimes you don’t need any more.

4. “Enter Sandman” by Metallica from their epynomous album

A bright and raucous recording that sounds harsh on the wrong system. Get it right and it defines what loud rock is all about though. You should be left with a huge grin on your face.

5. “Bimini” by Michel Petrucciani from Power of Three

A live track capturing Petrucciani, Wayne Shorter and Jim Hall at their peak. The better your system the more you’ll hear. And there’s a lot to hear – the interplay between these three is telepathic. Heavenly music

6. “Organ Symph 3” by Charles Munch  & Boston Symphony

Recorded in 1959, for many still the definitive Saint Saens Symph 3. This is the slow second movement – try 6’30” in for the lowest bass we know of on record. Or blow your roof off with the final movement – watch those speakers!

Hans Zimmer - Inception
Derrick Hodge - Colour of Noize
Sarah Jarosz - World on the Ground
Metallice - The Black Album
Michel Petrucciani - Power of Three
Charles Munch - Saint Saens Organ Symphony No 3